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Food Packaging

Paper Straws
Paper Straws
We began working with paper straw manufacturers in 2018. Since then, we’ve developed a line of environmentally friendly adhesives specifically for paper straw winding. Our straw adhesives hold up with use in water, fruit juices, carbonated soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. Our adhesives lend themselves to producing a firm straw that won’t soften or break down with normal use. Each of our straw adhesives was developed working closely with our customers to meet their specific needs in regards to their substrates, machine speeds and environmental specifications. We are currently working with independent, outside, testing labs to certify our products environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Paper Straw Adhesives

We rope in flawless paper straw adhesives which are fine tuned to showcase the best performance. We are an environmentally responsible company and provide adhesives which are not at all harmful.