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We consider our products to be an extension of your products.

Distribution & Retail

Distribution & Retail
BakerTitan works with several customers who prefer to private label our product whether it’s for distribution or resale on the retail market.

Private Label:

BakerTitan is happy to work with distributors in any capacity who would like to resell our products. We currently work with several regional and national distributors who sell our products under our label or under their own. Either way, you will have full access to our lab for technical support and our full line of products. Technical support will extend beyond our lab where we will send a technical support staff member to accompany your representatives into the field. We will fully represent your company in confidence.


We have extensive experience working with marketers and other manufacturers reselling our products or proprietary products under their labels in the retail field.

Our product range includes:
  • Household/School glues for arts & crafts or slime making (White, Clear, Glitter or Colored)
  • Wood glues
  • Fabric glues
  • Promotional giveaways
  • Do-it-yourself kits
  • Remoistenable Adhesives (For envelopes & stamps)
  • Repositionable Adhesives (Like Sticky-notes)
Our products can be colored or modified for your specific needs. We have worked with independent labs certifying several of our products for safe use under the Toxicology Risk Assessment (TRA) and Labeling of Hazardous Art Material Act (LHAMA) guidelines.

Shipping is available in 55-gallon drums, 275-gallon IBC Tote bins or bulk tankers. If you do not have a bottling line, we work with several co-packers who will be happy to advise and service your packaging needs.

School Glues Manufacturer

Another aspect of Baker Titan and all that we specialize in are School Glues Manufacturer. We pride ourselves on the preparation of washable school glues.

Adhesives Supplier traits

You can count on us as your own Adhesives Supplier to meet your specific needs. We ensure that our products come to you as fast sticking solutions!