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Food Packaging

Cartons & Trays
BakerTitan works extensively with several converters manufacturing fast food and take-out containers. We are very experienced with:
  • 4-corner paper trays
  • Clam Shell containers
  • 6-pack holders
  • Beverage trays
  • Top Locking “to-go” boxes
We have both hot melt and water based adhesives for chip, clay coated, poly lined, wax lined and SBS type boards.

Our water based and hot melt adhesives all meet the requirements for compliance with FDA sections:

21 CFR 175.105 for indirect food contact.
21 CFR 176.170 for direct contact with aqueous and fatty foods.
21 CFR 176.180 for direct contact with dry food

Our adhesives are compatible with any application type including wheel applicators, extrusion systems and spray applicators. These adhesives run very clean and offer quick tack.

Our hot melt adhesives are vacuum system compatible.