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We don't sell adhesives. We sell "piece of mind".

Print & Graphic Arts

Print & Graphic Arts
We started our careers in the adhesives industry over 40 years ago specializing in bookbinding and graphic arts. We manufacture the full line of water based and hot melt products for everything from high-speed web printing to perfect binding to hard cover edition binding.

For commercial print operations, we have:
  • Resin glues for cross web printing.
  • Re-moistenable adhesive for return mailers.
  • Fugitive removable glues (booger glue) for removal with no staining.
  • Hot melt for specialty applications.
  • Adhesives for UV and aqueous coatings.
From paperback spine glues to the full line of hard cover manufacturing, our products cover all applications. Magazines, telephone books, coloring books, pocket readers and hard cover texts and novels, we have a broad range of products:
  • Protein based case making glues for use on hand fed and higher speed automatic equipment.
  • Casing-in- Plain paper, coated and laminated covers.
  • High speed, fast drying adhesive for gluing-off.
  • High-tack products for head bands.
  • Sewing pastes for lubricity with excellent stability.