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Food Packaging

Food Packaging
Food Packaging covers a wide range of applications. With 40 years of experience, we’ve worked with a tremendous range of food companies. Whether you’re packaging provisions for human consumption or our four-legged friends, we’ve developed products for your applications.
  • Standard Case/Carton Seal (dry foods, caned foods & beverages, bulk corrugated packaging.
  • Bottling (Labels, Case/Carton Seal)
  • Frozen Foods (Freeze Resistant Hot Melt & Water Based)
  • Aseptic Packaging- Juice Box Straw Attachment
  • Pressure Sensitive Hot Melts
  • Paper Straws*
Starting in 2018, we’ve developed and are currently working with several companies now producing Paper Straws. Our straw adhesives are environmentally friendly yet hold up with use in water, juices, carbonated soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. Our adhesives lend themselves to producing a firm straw that won’t soften or break down with normal use.