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Paper Converting

Tissue & Towel
Tissue & Towel
BakerTitan Adhesives manufacturers the full line of water based and hot melt adhesives used in tissue and towel converting. With over 30 years of experience, we strive to provide the highest level of service and the best performing products you can find. If your current products or our standard line of adhesive products does not fulfill your production needs, we will custom formulate a product to meet your specifications and requirements. All of our Tissue & Towel adhesive products meet the requirements of FDA Section 21CFR 175.105 for indirect food contact.

Tissue and Towel Adhesive products, which we manufacture at Baker Titan, are one of our top bestsellers and so many companies around the U.S. choose us as their Tissue and Towel Adhesive products provider.

In addition to our converting products listed below, we manufacture a line of hot melt adhesives used for facial tissue boxes and corrugated packaging.

Core Winding Adhesives
  • BakerTitan manufactures a broad line of core winding adhesives to meet every requirement.
  • Our environmentally friendly products range from Hi-tack dextrin to workhorse PVAs to superfast resins.
  • Our products set up fast, make firm cores with no dog ears and will work on any grade board at any speed.
  • Products are available in drums, tote bins and bulk.
  • Our products exhibit excellent machining characteristics with very little build up on the marriage roller reducing waste, cleaning time and down time.
  • Our laminating adhesive is available at several concentration levels allowing the operator to determine the proper dilution for their specific needs. This leads to saving money by adding their own water to adjust solids and viscosity for various paper grades, application speeds or unique job requirements.
  • These products are also available “ready for use”, so the operator does not have to act as his own chemist.
  • Our laminating adhesives are translucent and dry clear. We can modify our products to deliver the desired stiffness or hand.
Pick-Up Adhesives
  • We have specific recommendations whether for tissue or towel and hot or cold applications.
  • Our Pick-Up or Transfer adhesives exhibit great pot stability with minimal stringing or build up.
  • These products are formulated to allow running at high speeds with sufficient open time and high tack for positive transfer without slipping.
  • Easy release of the last sheet minimizes consumer complaints, rejects and waste.
  • Our products will run on tissue and paper towel lines.
  • We have formulas for consumer household, Away-From-Home & TAD paper grades.
  • We will formulate the proper product for any grade paper.
  • Our products have fast initial wet tack and excellent release properties to prevent first sheet tear.
  •  Our formulations will not stain or bleed through.
  • We manufacture products compatible with spray, extrusion, fountain and wire application methods.