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Paper Converting

BakerTitan Adhesives has been supplying envelope gums since its inception. Starting in 2000, we have invested heavily both financially and in technology towards full commitment to supporting the envelope converting industry. We are active members of the Envelope Manufactures Association (EMA) and we have held positions on the board of the Association.
Additionally, using certain political connections successfully, we participated in a lobby against anti-mail legislation in the US Senate on behalf of the EMA to protect the investments of our customers and other members of the Association.
Because of our commitment to the industry, we’ve built a strong customer base spanning coast to coast. We have developed, what we’ve been told, are the best patch gums in the industry. Complementing our patch gums, we’ve put together a comprehensive and diverse line of products to match our customers’ equipment and production needs.
We have a thorough familiarity with the equipment used in envelope converting including W+D, Smythe, ITW/Dynatec and Valco. Using our knowledge of the diverse equipment used in envelope converting, BakerTitan has developed products to perform with specific lines based on speed, application type and newer technology such as high-speed UV detection systems.

Envelope Gums

We carry a wide range of Envelope Gums which tend to be compatible with different types of substrates as well as equipment. We make sure that all our clients are satisfied with the quality we carry. The best part is that these gums are customizable depending on the specific needs of our clients.

BakerTitan Line of Envelope Gums Include:
  • Front Seal Gum
  • Extrusion Seam Gum
  • Standard Patch Gum
  • Tropical Seal Gum
  • Back Gum
  • High-Speed Patch Gum
  • Peel & Seal Gum
  • Latex Cohesive
Specialty products include:
  • Laminating Adhesives for invitation liners (foils, films, textured stock)
  • Specialty products for cotton based papers, coated stock, padded envelopes, Tyvek
  • Hot Melt Adhesives for packaging