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We don't sell adhesives. We sell "piece of mind".


Paper Bags/Sacks
Our complete line of bag & sack adhesives will cover all the needs of most paper bag converters. Our customers use our products for everything from simple brown bags to luxury handle bags to specialty take for packaging. Applications include:
  • Bottom Pastes
  • Side Seams
  • Handle Attachments (water based & hot melt)
  • Film laminating (bag liners)
  • Windows
  • Multi Ply laminating
We support a wide range of unique customers who manufacture bags for:
  • Designer Retail Handle Bags
  • Carry Out Food (foil lined, glassine, multi-ply insulated, etc)
  • Coffee
  • Pet Food
  • Snack Foods (film lined, grease proof)
  • Vacuum Cleaner Bags
  • Soil, Peat Moss, Sand
  • Windowed Bags
Bag adhesives features

The precise bag adhesives which we engineer, would flaunt superb sticking capacities. These adhesives exhibit stunning stability and don't dissolve so easily. Besides, they are cost-effective.