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Folding Cartons
Folding Cartons
Water Based Adhesives- Folding Cartons Our “R” series of adhesives is our standard, broad range, folding carton adhesive. These products run beautifully on a wide range of equipment (Nordson, Valco, HHS, etc) and we’ve received consistent feedback that these are some of the cleanest running products our customers have ever run.
The “R” line of products is available in a range of viscosities for standard extrusion, high pressure extrusion systems and pot applications. The properties and benefits with this line of products include:
  • Excellent general-purpose folding carton glue.
  • Clean cut off- no tailing.
  • Will not build up on extrusion tips.
  • Fast tacking with moderately fast set time.
  • Will adhere to most standard carton substrates including SBS, SUS, Chip, Clay coat and most aqueous coatings.
  • Great pot stability. Will run for extended time without getting heavy or degrading.
  • Excellent machinability- no spitting or splatter.
  • Easy clean up.
Our “Rx” line of products offers expanded range of adhesion:
  • “Rx” offers the same properties and easy handling with the ability to adhere to Poly-Coated substrates.
BakerTitan’s “BK” series of folding carton glues is BakerTitan’s highest grade of product. These products offer the widest range of use and are often used across lines for multiple applications, as described below.
  • Available in a range of viscosities for use in extrusion or pot applications.
  • These are premium folding carton products used for all substrates including single sided Poly.
  • Often used as both a seam glue and a window glue to minimize SKUs.
  • Medium to fast tack. Medium set time. Overall adhesion will improve over a 24 hour period.
  • This premium line has the unique ability to adhere to UV coatings.
    • Converters will see additional savings and efficiencies not having to cut print blankets to knock out the glue area.
Rounding out our water based line of folding carton adhesives, we offer a unique non-pressure sensitive Window Adhesive.
  • Our standard window glue for folding cartons is non-pressure sensitive.
  • Operators love this product because it is easier to handle than traditional PSA’s and cleans up relatively easier.
  • Machines very cleanly without slinging.
  • Adheres to a wide range of film substrates.
Lower cost than traditional PSA window glues.

Folding Carton Adhesives

Folding carton adhesives are instrumental in prepping up folding boxes. Thus, we choose to take sufficient caution while working on these adhesives.

Latex Adhesives

Latex adhesives are of great importance as they are mostly used in shipping companies. Thus, while preparing this adhesive we emphasize on shelf stability and improved processing.