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New Manufacturing Plant

Jan 23, 2024

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New Manufacturing Plant in Clifton, NJ, Marks a Milestone
for BakerTitan Adhesives
Clifton, NJ – January 23, 2024- BakerTitan Adhesives, a leader in industrial adhesive manufacturing, proudly announces the opening of its new manufacturing plant located in Clifton, NJ. The 18,000 square foot facility is dedicated to the production of high-quality, water-based adhesives, showcasing the company's commitment to innovation and expansion.

This significant investment aligns with BakerTitan's mission to stay at the forefront of the industry and meet the growing demands of its customers.

One of the notable features of the new facility is its focus on sustainability. BakerTitan’s new plant offers manufacturing efficiencies, ensuring a cleaner and greener manufacturing operation and aligns with the company's values of responsible and sustainable business practices.

Scheduled to officially open its doors on April 1, 2024, the Clifton manufacturing plant represents a significant milestone for BakerTitan. The facility will also serve as the administrative hub for BakerTitan Adhesives, streamlining operations.

The expansion project will also contribute to job creation, for new employees, in various roles. This initiative reinforces BakerTitan's commitment to supporting local communities and fostering economic growth.

“We are eager to open our doors in Clifton and begin the next chapter for BakertTitan” said Bill Zelman, CEO.

BakerTitan Adhesives invites the community, partners, and stakeholders to join in celebrating the grand opening of the Clifton manufacturing plant.

For media inquiries, please contact:
BakerTitan Adhesives, Jeffrey Zelman, Vice President, JZelman@BakerTitan.com, 973-225-1070

About Baker Titan Adhesives:

BakerTitan Adhesives is an SBA certified HUBZone adhesive manufacturer that proudly makes all products in the United States. Our products are sold internationally and domestically to Fortune 500 companies as well as regional and local converters.

For more information on Baker Titan Adhesives and its products, please visit the company's website at https://www.baker-titan.com/.